Jared & Linda Hoover

Lead Pastors

Pastor Jared and Linda love ministering to people!  They have been pastors for over 30 years, serving congregations on the California coast and in the central valley.  Pastor Jared lives to encourage others and help them realize their God-purpose and potential. He enjoys preaching and telling heart-grabbing stories in his sermons. He also has a knack for everything financial and is often sought out for his expert advice on money matters.  Pastor Jared has served in various state and regional leadership capacities and is currently the Finance Committee Chairman for SoCal Network.  Linda is motivated by a good challenge. She, like Pastor Jared, views obstacles as opportunities for something spectacular.  She enjoys anything musical and uses her creative resourcefulness in many areas of ministry.  Linda is an ordained minister and psychologist, currently working with youth in the juvenile justice system.  Both Hoovers relish Friday date days and FaceTiming with their grandchildren.