Delfina Vazquez

CE Director

Delfina-VasquezDelfina is married to Juan Gabriel Vazquez for 17 years, has 5 Children and 3 Grandchildren. Her favorite Scripture is: John 21:15-17 & Luke 22:27.

A servant of the most high for 8 years, in 2014 the Lord called me to start a Feed the homeless ministry in Selma, California. Selma COM became a official 501c3 in December 2016. I am truly humbled to be here at VLCC working under the direction of our Pastor, Jared Hoover who is so full of knowledge. Daily I get up and realize the blessing our Lord and Savior has given me to work full time in ministry. I take seriously the mission Jesus has assigned me to work with our children and teach them the word of God written into their hearts.

• Full time Children Ministry Director at Valley Life Church 2 years Children Ministry Director SFBC
• President of Selma Community Outreach Ministries
• Turning Point Fresno Board member since 2015 (Volunteer)
• Patient Advisory Adventist Hospital Board member since 2015 (Volunteer)
• BBNBTL Board Member since 2016 (Volunteer)
• Events/Outreach Coordinator BBNBTL since 2014 (Volunteer)
• Events / Outreach Coordinator for Antioquia Church (Volunteer)
• Approved by Teen Challenge as a Processor taking homeless off the streets (Volunteer)